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Project Manager

Job Description:
• Project Manager Roles within the company will present you with the rewarding responsibility for a package of work/ project; it will provide an opportunity to connect with the future of the Submarines project delivery. In doing so enabling you to make a measureable contribution to the progress of a programme.
• As a Project Manager you will enter a highly skilled and competitive network which is industry recognised. Collaboratively you will expedite key milestones in a professional community, which is determined to achieve and deliver a remarkably complex platform, which is of National importance.
• With numerous objectives to be driven and monitored in-line with achieving our business goals, you will be at the forefront of pioneering new approaches, initiatives and efficiencies. These will in turn, facilitate capture, evaluate and incorporate mutual good practice which will encompass high performance to ensure utmost success.

Your Main Responsibilities as a Project Manager will involve:
• Commanding a package of work or project that is integral to the delivery of the programme
• Developing effective working behaviours with project responsibility, harnessing knowledge and expertise from some of the leading minds in the project management circuit within the Defence sector
• Assuming responsibility for ensuring processes, people and tools are organised to progress activities
• Leading and inspiring the performance of team members through regular appraisals
• Timely resolution of concerns between all parties and functions
• Building affinity with an array of stakeholders through effective and inspiring communication as well as exchanging information to meet objectives
• Working alongside Operations in the build phase, Engineering in the design space and demonstrating your understanding of the project plan as a whole
• Working closely with project controls to identify risks as well as supporting implementation of planning and controls
• Integrating controls into the consciousness of decisions made on the project/ work package to ensure the appropriate trajectory towards a business goal is corrected and ultimately achieved
• Negotiation with stakeholders involved in decision making, presenting them with evidence-based guidance on performance and good practice
• Capturing, evaluating as well as conveying good practice in order to inspire teams

Your Skills and Qualifications:
• Demonstrable experience of owning a project, work package or change initiative with a team
• Strong analytical and reporting skills to enable key decisions to be made effectively at a portfolio or programme level
• Proven ability to manage and maintain a high performance in a professional team
• Broad knowledge of Project Management Governance and Assurance
• A Degree in Project Management or equivalent industry experience
• APM Project Management Qualification or equivalent

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