How you can Find a job during this Covid crisis

We’re facing War on this pandemis , and no one knows how long this will take Since we cannot predict when the worst will be over or even when the virus will be contained, your best strategy is to focus on short-term solutions that will get you through this challenging time.

Doing nothing is not an option.

And, while you cannot control how this virus has affected individuals and the job market, you can take action. When you understand what’s changing, you have the opportunity to better manage your own outcome.

So, how can you survive this turbulent economy right now?


Layoffs and furloughs were slow at first, affecting mostly service industries, but we’re now witnessing a trickle-down effect. Companies whose businesses are linked to various industries, such as events, entertainment, and travel, are struggling, and they’re letting go of employees in an attempt to stay in business.

Think about what you can do today, or during the next 30, 60, and 90 days. This is not about forever, it’s about right now. No one will penalize you for taking a job outside of your field or career path for a little while. They’ll understand and it may even make you more marketable when the crisis is over. You’ve likely had a successful career because you have certain attributes (intelligence, connections, resourcefulness), and now you’ll need to tap into them in an unprecedented way. Use this time to explore jobs you may have not considered in the past, and perhaps you’ll find opportunities you wouldn’t have necessarily pursued otherwise.

Here’s how to explore your short-term options:

Inventory your top skills and then search for opportunities to leverage these in a different capacity. Are you an event planner who could help a hospital coordinate its temporary expansion? Leverage what you have been doing and pivot to where the current job openings are.

Get creative about how you can leverage your skills virtually. Do you have a hobby or talent that you can turn into a short-term business? Can you provide individual lessons or consulting online or create an online course.

Remember the local businesses that may require additional assistance, but are too overwhelmed to post jobs. Take the initiative and ask them what they need. Perhaps they are seeking another manager to onboard their new employees, someone to create or enhance their website to handle their online orders or even someone to stock shelves or package goods for shipping. Ask if help is needed. The worst they can say is no.

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