How should cover letters be organized?

The cover letter typically consists of three parts: introduction, body, and closing. Within these three parts you must include: •why you are interested in the organization•why they should be interested in you•when and how you will contact them to follow up and schedule an appointment

Introduction – The beginning of your letter should capture the employer’s interest by identifying the position for which you are applying or your career objectives, indicating where you heard about the job, and describing your interest in that particular opening.

Body – The body of your letter (1-3 paragraphs) should show that you understand the nature of the position by explaining how your qualifications relate to it.

You should include examples of the skills and/or qualities from your resume that you believe make you a particularly strong candidate. Do not, however, simply repeat what is in your resume. Use this section as an opportunity to illustrate more specifically how you think your experience can contribute to the organization

Closing – Since your objective is to secure an interview, you want to establish a flow of action that produces an invitation to do so. In your closing you should suggest what you would like the reader to do or what action you plan to take to maintain contact. This may take the form of a request for an interview and/or a statement of your intent to follow up in the near future with a phone call. “Respectfully” is a good way to close your letter. Never forget to sign it.

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